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Stakeholders in the nuclear industry are committed to ensuring the operational safety and reliability of power stations.

From a station's mechanical resistance to earthquakes to vibration monitoring of components, METRAVIB offers solutions to meet the requirements of nuclear power plant operators.

For more than 40 years, METRAVIB has provided assistance to industry stakeholders through its unrivaled expertise in issues relating to mechanical resistance, noise and vibrations. METRAVIB is involved from the design stage, offering optimized solutions and appropriate diagnostics that take specific operational constraints into account.


Procurement of solutions

Monitoring, protection and ensuring the integrity of production facilities are of primary importance in the energy sector.

METRAVIB provides advanced technological solutions to these key issues.

With its recognized expertise in metrology, mechanics and development, METRAVIB achievements include the design of unrivaled seismic vibration sensors that comply with stringent metrological and environmental specifications.


Design assistance

METRAVIB provides support to design offices during the design phase in the sizing of structures, and also during the validation phases when equipment and supporting structures are installed.

The use of simulations enables designs to be consolidated and the fatigue design of facilities, relative to their actual levels of exposure, to be validated at an early stage.

Noise maps are prepared using acoustic and vibro-acoustic calculations to optimize the positioning of equipment based on the noise emitted, and to comply with regulatory requirements.


Measurements and diagnostic

METRAVIB conducts on-site measurements and diagnostics for all French nuclear facilities, carrying out condition assessments or simply validating the performance of equipment upon installation.

METRAVIB provides operators with precise and reliable data concerning their systems, so as to measure dynamic behavior and evaluate the variable operating conditions of an item of equipment.

The METRAVIB team brings its measurement expertise and know-how to bear in relation to complex facilities located around the world.



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