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In the aerospace sector, METRAVIB plays an innovative role in the engineering of components and entire subsystems for which performance and reliability objectives are of crucial importance.

Similarly, developments in the defense industry are driven by the same two-fold objective: increasing performance and reliability.

METRAVIB places its expertise at the service of companies in this sector, with involvement in the design of mechanical and acoustic solutions as from the very earliest stages.

METRAVIB provides support right through to validation testing and measurements in operation.


Procurement of solutions

The aerospace and defense sectors set extremely high standards in terms of performance and reliability. With its experience in mechanical engineering and materials, METRAVIB has been developing special long-lasting solutions for these sectors for 40 years.

METRAVIB has found solutions for acoustic and vibration-related problems as varied as ensuring the stealthy performance of a submarine propulsion system, predicting the imaging precision of an observation satellite during the design phase, and protecting electronic equipment incorporated in a missile.

Solutions can be provided for just a few units or, alternatively, on a very large scale (several thousand units) in the case of major production cycles.


Design assistance

Stealth and reliability are crucial performance criteria in the defense sector. These factors are closely linked to dynamic behavior and acoustic performance, and have to be taken into account very early on in the design stage.

METRAVIB has been recognized as an expert in the military sector for more than 40 years.

METRAVIB provides support to industrial companies and prime contractors in the sizing of structures (modal behavior, vibration fatigue), systems integration (protection against impacts and vibrations) and establishing component specifications (communication of acoustic and vibration levels to subcontractors).


Measurements and diagnostic

During the prototype and initial production stages, it is necessary to validate the hypotheses used and the initial data through testing.

The METRAVIB team uses its expertise to characterize harsh environments, verify actual stress on components in use (impact tests), and conduct test runs according to various operational modes (variable rolling conditions).

The data collected makes it possible to conduct more in-depth analyses to establish service lives (vibration fatigue) and carry out diagnostics of system faults (e.g. breakage, damage).



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