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The performance and reliability of systems are often related to specific requirements in terms of acoustics and vibrations. Evaluating these aspects at the end of the development process or during qualification raises the risk of having to review designs and incur additional costs.

Right from the design phase, METRAVIB assists industrial companies in taking these requirements into account as early as possible, so as to achieve the necessary performance objectives:

  • Mechanical resistance: vibration fatigue, damage,
  • Geometric stability: microscopy, metrology, optics,
  • Comfort: transport, electrical appliances, building,
  • Safety: fatigue, structural damage, worker exposure,

With its professional know-how and experimental expertise, METRAVIB is an unrivaled partner in the management of acoustic and vibration-related aspects from the design phases.



Oil and Gaz

Vibrations and noise, which are subject to safety and reliability regulatory requirements, are of key concern in the oil and gas sector. Taking these factors into account at an early stage enables subsequent risks to be limited.

With its specific expertise in simulation, METRAVIB is a preferred partner recognized by engineering companies in the sector.

At the design or validation stage, digital simulation makes it possible to anticipate the consequences of a design and eliminate the risks associated with the development process for equipment and structures. METRAVIB offers vibration analysis, acoustic and vibro-acoustic calculations, and fatigue design, using specialized digital tools.

For many years, METRAVIB has been involved in mechanical and HSE studies for numerous FEED and EPC projects around the world.


Aerospace and Defense

Stealth and reliability are crucial performance criteria in the defense sector. These factors are closely linked to dynamic behavior and acoustic performance, and have to be taken into account very early on in the design stage.

METRAVIB has been recognized as an expert in the military sector for more than 40 years. METRAVIB provides support to industrial companies and prime contractors in the sizing of structures (modal behavior, vibration fatigue), systems integration (protection against impacts and vibrations) and establishing component specifications (communication of acoustic and vibration levels to subcontractors).



METRAVIB provides support to design offices during the design phase in the sizing of structures, and also during the validation phases when equipment and supporting structures are installed.

The use of simulations enables designs to be consolidated and the fatigue design of facilities, relative to their actual levels of exposure, to be validated at an early stage.
Noise maps are prepared using acoustic and vibro-acoustic calculations to optimize the positioning of equipment based on the noise emitted, and to comply with regulatory requirements.



With its dedicated design support tools (predictive simulation), METRAVIB is the chosen partner for manufacturers in this sector, in terms of design and materials compliance.

METRAVIB is involved as from the design stage, as well as in diagnostics and the engineering of solutions for system noise, vibration and reliability issues.

Thanks to ACOEM's international presence, the METRAVIB team can respond throughout in the world, either in a domestic market or through the export of services.



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