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During both implementation and operation, prime contractors and industrial companies are sometimes confronted with acoustic and vibration-related problems.

The METRAVIB team visits sites around the world to assess and diagnose such problems. It is essential to measure phenomena such as noise and static or dynamic behavior in real operating conditions in order to analyze any deviations or the causes of faults.

Such interventions go hand in hand with:
equipment acceptance tests according to requirements imposed by standards,
troubleshooting and seeking the causes of faults,
performance improvement and optimization,
competitive or benchmarking studies.



Oil and Gaz

From time to time, industrial companies and operators must assess the condition of a facility or item of equipment, diagnose a problem on a system or component, or simply validate the performance of equipment following installation (final acceptance testing).

The METRAVIB team carries out measurements directly on site. Identifying the static or dynamic behavior of a system or component at a given moment, in real operating conditions, is an essential stage enabling subsequent performance analyses to be carried out and the cause of a fault to be determined.

Working in proximity with industrial companies, the METRAVIB team visits sites throughout the world, bringing to bear their know-how and measurements expertise in relation to complex installations.


Aerospace and Defense

During the prototype and initial production stages, it is necessary to validate the hypotheses used and the initial data through testing.

The METRAVIB team uses its expertise to characterize harsh environments, verify actual stress on components in use (impact tests), and conduct test runs according to various operational modes (variable rolling conditions).

The data collected makes it possible to conduct more in-depth analyses to establish service lives (vibration fatigue) and carry out diagnostics of system faults (e.g. breakage, damage).



METRAVIB conducts on-site measurements and diagnostics for all French nuclear facilities, carrying out condition assessments or simply validating the performance of equipment upon installation.

METRAVIB provides operators with precise and reliable data concerning their systems, so as to measure dynamic behavior and evaluate the variable operating conditions of an item of equipment.

The METRAVIB team brings its measurement expertise and know-how to bear in relation to complex facilities located around the world.



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