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Acoustic and vibration-related problems often arise in complex environments. Constraints such as size, temperature, weight, equipment compatibility and performance requirements frequently mean that standard solutions are not an option.

It is in complicated contexts such as these that METRAVIB brings its expertise to bear in the design and development of mechanical, digital and measurement system solutions. These solutions include mechanisms, suspension systems, anti-impact protection systems, special calculation software, and control systems for end-of-line measurements.

The METRAVIB team looks after the entire development process. Projects take place in several stages, from a feasibility study with a demonstration model, through to prototyping and qualification, production, and performance acceptance tests.



Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense sectors set extremely high standards in terms of performance and reliability. With its experience in mechanical engineering and materials, METRAVIB has been developing special long-lasting solutions for these sectors for 40 years.

METRAVIB has found solutions for acoustic and vibration-related problems as varied as ensuring the stealthy performance of a submarine propulsion system, predicting the imaging precision of an observation satellite during the design phase, and protecting electronic equipment incorporated in a missile.

Solutions can be provided for just a few units or, alternatively, on a very large scale (several thousand units) in the case of major production cycles.



Monitoring, protection and ensuring the integrity of production facilities are of primary importance in the energy sector. METRAVIB provides advanced technological solutions to these key issues.

With its recognized expertise in metrology, mechanics and development, METRAVIB achievements include the design of unrivaled seismic vibration sensors that comply with stringent metrological and environmental specifications.



Vibrations and noise are critical aspects of a manufacturer's sensory brand image. Automotive, rail and aeronautical manufacturers must manage these differentiating aspects within a context that is subject to increasingly stringent constraints.

New products are subject to the challenges of shorter development cycles and compliance with regulations and commitments as to consumption and CO2 emissions.

METRAVIB has developed special tools and perfected methodologies to comply with these constraints, along with tried and tested solutions suited to these environments.



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